About Sprightly Consulting

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Why she’s so sprightly

Have you ever found yourself at a training session, wondering why you had peeled yourself away from your computer screen in the first place? You had expected something that would improve the way you worked or at least reset some bad behaviors. Instead you are sitting with a group or like minded peers, wondering what is being served for morning tea and if that break will ever arrive?

Sprightly consulting was born out of 18 years of experience in sales, 12 of which were in pharmaceutical sales and a further 2 in biomedical technology learning and performance. In a space where experienced staff, technical language, jargon and acronyms are rife, a didactic approach to training is common but where is the return on investment in a room of disinterested participants?

At Sprightly Consulting, I pride myself on taking a personal tailored approach to training solutions that fulfills the needs of our clients. We are available every step of the way from the needs assessment, through instructional design to facilitation and ensuring long term embedding of newly acquired skills and knowledge. This hands on approach and commitment to personalised support has become particularly vital as the way we train has significantly been impacted by a global pandemic

Our passion comes taking a fresh dynamic approach to training and seeing our clients employees flourish with confidence. Contact us to discuss how your Organisation might stand to benefit from our sprightly approach.